the decision to return the citizenship bill be changed

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He asked the government to reverse the decision during a special session of the National Assembly on Thursday, stating that it was unacceptable to return the citizenship bill by investing crores of rupees for two years. He remarked that the present measure should be passed soon since it is difficult for Madhesis to obtain naturalized citizenship and that many young people are being denied it.

He further claimed that it was impossible to give fertilizer even during the planting season. He added that the issue of unauthorized individuals participating in the process of altering tax rates during the formation of budgets was positively addressed by the departure of Finance Minister Janardhan Sharma.

MP Urmila Aryal expressed confidence that the investigation committee will investigate the truth and make the results public during the meeting’s special session. The removal of the CCTV video by the finance minister within 13 days was opposed by MP Sumitra BC.

source: Himalayan Tele-Voice

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