‘It’s rat, not duck’; college, district market watchdog face severest punishment after food scandal

A provincial investigation team in East China’s Jiangxi Province on Saturday released the results of their probe stating that the unusual object discovered in food at a college canteen in the provincial capital Nanchang on June 1 was a “rat head” not a “duck neck” as previously concluded by the local market watchdog.

The team, consisting of various departments including provincial education, public security, market supervision and regulation authorities, launched the investigation after the claim by Nanchang’s Gaoxin district market watchdog that the object was a duck neck triggered storms of doubts and criticism online.

The joint team reviewed the surveillance camera footage and discovered that the object was discarded by the canteen staff on the same day it was found. Following conversations with the canteen and kitchen managers, as well as the student who initially found the object and other witnesses present at the scene, it was concluded that the object was not a duck neck.

Based on photos and video clips taken by the student on June 1, zoology experts determined the object was a head belonging to a species of rodent, most likely a rat.

The college and the Gaoxin district market supervision and regulation administration did not take the physical evidence seriously and reached an incorrect conclusion, according to the joint team.

Consequently, the canteen’s operating certificate has been suspended and the related company and its legal representative have been penalized with the maximum available punishment. Additionally, both the college and the district market watchdog will be punished in line with the law and a special campaign on food safety will be launched throughout Jiangxi Province.

After the publication of the investigation result, the college removed its earlier statement from its website which falsely claimed the object was a duck neck.

Observers praised the responsible attitude of the joint investigation team in uncovering the truth and presenting the facts. Simultaneously, they called for introspection regarding the motivations that led the college and the local district market supervision and regulation administration to reach false conclusions. Underlying root causes behind these actions should be diligently identified and rectified, observers noted.

(Global Times)

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