Report on 8th Enlarged Plenary Meeting of 8th WPK Central Committee

Pyongyang, June 19 :

At a time when the invincibility and fortitude of our cause have been further demonstrated all over the world and the all-people struggle for ushering in a new upsurge in socialist construction is gaining momentum thanks to the scientific and strong guidance and practice by the ever-victorious Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK), the Political Bureau of the WPK Central Committee convened a plenary meeting to promote the perfect and substantial attainment of the grand goals of national prosperity.

The 8th Enlarged Plenary Meeting of the 8th Central Committee of the WPK was held at the office building of the WPK Central Committee, the supreme general staff of the Korean revolution, from June 16 to 18, Juche 112 (2023) to arouse stronger enthusiasm of all the Party members and other people for the struggle to consolidate the precious victory and the dignity and position of our powerful state, which they achieved by boldly breaking through all difficulties under the leadership of the great Party Central Committee, with steady advance and continuous leaps.

The plenary meeting made an interim summing-up of this year’s work for implementing the major policies to firmly preserve the interests and security environment of the country and bring about a fresh upswing in the overall development of Korean-style socialism in line with the goal for progress and strategic and tactical principles set forth at the 6th and 7th plenary meetings of the 8th Party Central Committee. It discussed and decided on the important policy issues to be addressed without fail and further spurred in the advance in the second half of the year.

Kim Jong Un, general secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea, was present at the plenary meeting.

The first agenda item “On launching a bolder struggle for implementing the major policies for this year” was discussed.

The participants heard a report.

The report reviewed the signal successes achieved by our Party and people through their arduous and fierce struggle in the first half of the year.

The adventurous military moves and reactionary offensive of the U.S. imperialists and the south Korean puppet cliques going unprecedentedly reckless have seriously threatened the security environment, development and interests of our state, laying a grave stumbling block to our advance.

Though the subjective and objective circumstances were unfavorable, the WPK and the people of the DPRK have overcome difficulties through proactive and positive struggle under the outstanding and tested leadership of Comrade Kim Jong Un and achieved encouraging and progressive successes to be proud of in all fields including the Party building, protection of national interests, economic construction and building of civilization.

The report summarized the work of the Party Central Committee for wisely organizing and guiding the all-people struggle for achieving substantial successes in the national economy development and providing a decisive guarantee for the fulfillment of the five-year plan.

It recalled that the Party Central Committee set it as a key issue to ensure self-sufficiency in food supply by increasing the country’s agricultural production, opened up an epoch-making prospect for providing farming materials and strengthening the material and technical foundations of the countryside, and took every possible measure to successfully attain this year’s grain production goal.

The Party Central Committee also took important measures to enable the major sectors of the national economy, including coal-mining, machine-building, forestry and railways, to make progress, and took revolutionary steps to tighten discipline in implementing the national economy plan. Such efforts brought about considerable results in tackling the unstable fluctuations manifested in various sectors at the outset of this year, remarkably increasing the growth rate of production in all fields of economic construction.

The report briefed the participants on the successes achieved in the struggle to attain the 12 major goals for national economic development.

This year’s goal of irrigation construction, set at the 7th Plenary Meeting of the 8th Central Committee of the WPK, has been fulfilled in the main, and the socialist patriotic movement for increased coal production pioneered by the coal miners of South Phyongan Province is spreading on a larger scale to all sectors and units across the country. The metallurgical and chemical industries, the twin pillars of the economic development, are taking the lead in the drive, staunchly tiding over the ordeals and difficulties and over-fulfilling their higher plans.

In the construction sector, the construction of the first-stage 10 000 flats in the Hwasong area was successfully completed to be followed by inauguration. The construction of additional 2 000 flats in the area and of 1 400 flats in the Taephyong area were completed and new rural villages were built one after another, instilling joy and confidence into the people across the country.

Now, the construction of second-stage 10 000 flats in the Hwasong area, the construction of a new street in the Sopho area, the construction of the Kangdong Greenhouse Farm and the housing construction in the Komdok area are progressing apace.

The firm faith of all the people that the leadership of the Party is science and victory gets stronger amid the struggle for implementing the resolutions of the plenary meetings of the Party Central Committee, and the will to pave a broad avenue toward self-reliant prosperity with the great might of loyalty and patriotism has developed into the all-people ideological sentiments. This is a great success incomparable with any economic growth.

The report referred to the analysis made by the Political Bureau of the Party Central Committee of some shortcomings and wrong attitudes revealed in the struggle for implementing the state economic policies in the first half of the year, and the ways for overcoming them.

The Political Bureau of the Party Central Committee importantly put forward the realistic tasks to be fulfilled immediately for the sustainable and long-term development of agriculture.

The report rigorously analyzed a series of wrong attitudes – failure in establishing strict discipline of unconditionally carrying out the national economic plans in the economic work for the first half of the year and in building self-supporting foundations of the economy in a substantial way.

The high goals of struggle for this year and the reality oriented to the comprehensive development require the major industrial sectors, the pillars of the state economy, to overcome the one-sidedness in production, consolidate the already-reached growth line and bring about a fresh upsurge in the overall economy through a more vigorous struggle.

The Political Bureau of the Party Central Committee intends to put spurs to completing the projects for the maintenance and reinforcement, updating and modernization being promoted at the key industrial sectors and other sectors in order to make significant successes of completion for consolidating the backbone of the self-supporting economy one after another in the second half of the year.

The Political Bureau of the Party Central Committee in the report stressed the need for all construction project headquarters to take thoroughgoing measures for supplying building materials in consideration of the builders’ ever-growing enthusiasm for struggle this year that witnesses the largest-ever projects in the country’s history of construction and to invariably push ahead with the projects as scheduled through a strenuous offensive while perfectly ensuring the quality of design and construction.

In particular, the report underlined the need for all sectors and units to responsibly conduct the work for proactively encouraging and supporting the young people ideologically, morally, materially and technically to ensure that their high patriotic enthusiasm result in shining feats and miracles, true to the noble intention of the Party Central Committee which entrusted the young people with the whole project for building a new street in the Sopho area of Pyongyang Municipality.

In the report, the Political Bureau of the Party Central Committee paid attention to the accounts of the work for carrying out the policy-oriented tasks prioritized by the Party at present.

In particular, it analyzed and reviewed in detail the execution of a new childcare policy set forth at the Third Plenary Meeting of the Eighth Party Central Committee.

In the past two years, provinces, cities and counties have made much effort to increase milk production and provide facilities for producing dairy products along with the establishment of the well-organized system and order for supplying dairy products. This made it possible to regularly supply dairy products to all the children at nurseries and kindergartens every day, which is one of the most remarkable changes made in the life of our people by the Eighth Party Central Committee.

The Political Bureau of the Party Central Committee correctly found out and reviewed the advantages and shortcomings manifested in the execution of the Party’s childcare policy by classifying them according to different units and contents, and stressed the need to take practical measures for increasing the production of dairy products and promote them consistently.

The report referred to the issue of pushing forward with the work for land administration and ecological environment protection in a long-term and development-oriented way, the issue of scientifically intensifying the work for financially and monetarily guaranteeing the economic development and the improvement of the people’s living standard, and the issue for the Cabinet to establish a well-regulated unified commanding system and controlling and reporting system of the economic work as befitting the economic headquarters of the country.

The report said that in order to confidently pave the path for achieving prosperity of the country by dint of self-reliance, it is necessary to hold fast to the development of science and technology as a core strategy in all fields and sectors and focus efforts on it.

The Political Bureau of the Party Central Committee put forward the ways for training the scientists and technicians, who are the scouts and main forces of the country’s sci-tech development, into revolutionary and patriotic scientists, and mobilizing and using the sci-tech talents in a unified and effective way, and specified the major goals and tasks of sci-tech development at present.

To dynamically push ahead with the expansion and development of the space industry as a national affair is arising as an urgent task, the report pointed out.

The Political Bureau of the Party Central Committee proposed an essential structural measure to be referred to the Supreme People’s Assembly in the light of the view that the nationwide space science and technology potentiality should be fully mobilized to pave the path to development of space industry in a far-sighted way and turn the country into a world-class space power by steadily expanding and increasing the sci-tech successes made at the early stage for exploring the space field.

The Political Bureau of the C.C., WPK stressed the important mission of security organs to thoroughly guarantee the implementation of the policies of the Party and the government with the security work and in a legal way, and underlined the need for relevant sectors to more offensively, tactically and powerfully conduct the work for reliably defending the single-hearted unity, the irresistible might of the DPRK.

The report referred to the analysis and evaluation of the Political Bureau of the C.C., WPK on the justification for directing greater efforts to bolstering up the capabilities for self-defence in conformity with the present changed security situation of the DPRK and steadily updating the military hardware of the DPRK armed forces.

The complicated and serious situation on the Korean peninsula which is getting out of control requires the DPRK to ceaselessly renew its military potentials and make a faster advance toward the bolstering up of its capabilities for self-defence.

The practical actions which turned the core tasks for bolstering up the defence capability set forth at the 8th Congress of the WPK into successful entities, pursuant to the solemn declaration of the WPK that the DPRK will counter the enemies’ nukes and policy of frontal confrontation in kind, have demonstrated the rapid building speed of the ever-developing strategic force of the DPRK and its powerful military technical capabilities and have exposed the U.S. imperialists and the south Korean puppet forces to the insurmountable security crisis.

The Political Bureau of the C.C., WPK appreciated that the strategic force of the DPRK has made progress recognized by the world in the light of the high-level military technical capabilities and the development speed of weapon systems and has developed into an existing powerful entity. On the other hand, it strictly reviewed the shortcomings that were revealed in some fields and that cannot be overlooked.

The most serious one was the failure of the military reconnaissance satellite launch, the important strategic work in the field of space development, on May 31.

The five-point major goals for developing the defence capabilities set forth by the 8th Congress of the Party are all important, but the development of military reconnaissance satellite is of very great significance in prospect of the development of the armed forces of the DPRK and in making full preparations for combat.

The report bitterly criticized the officials who irresponsibly conducted the preparations for satellite launch, and set forth the militant task for officials and scientists in the relevant field to make a thorough analysis of the cause and lesson of the recent failure, successfully launch the military reconnaissance satellite in a short span of time and thus make a shortcut to improving the capabilities of the Korean People’s Army’s reconnaissance intelligence and achieving a greater leap forward in the field of space development, bearing deep in mind their important mission.

All the successes made in the field of developing various weapon systems including nukes and missiles are a big stride forward in the important and critical situation of bolstering up the nuclear war deterrent of the country, the Political Bureau affirmed, calling on the national defence field to consistently adhere to the orientation of developing nuclear weapons and the line of bolstering up the nuclear force set forth by the Party Central Committee and reliably defend the sacred cause of the Juche revolution by increasing the production of powerful nuclear weapons.

The report seriously analyzed and evaluated the extremely deteriorating security situation on the Korean peninsula due to the reckless war moves of the hostile forces in disregard of the patience and warning of the DPRK and referred to the urgency to swiftly respond to them in a military technical, political and diplomatic way.

The Political Bureau of the Party Central Committee recognized that the principle of action for action should be strictly adhered to and the overwhelming and offensive countermeasures should always be taken forcefully without delay against the enemy’s intentional and undisguised escalation of military tension. And the plenary meeting unanimously approved concrete plans and modes of counter-action for their implementation.

The Political Bureau of the WPK Central Committee set forth important tasks for conducting external activities independently and more actively on the principle of defending the sovereignty and national interests to cope with the swirling international military and political situation such as further strengthening solidarity with the countries which are opposed to the U.S. brigandish strategy for world supremacy.

The report referred to the issues essential in remarkably increasing the leadership ability and fighting efficiency of the Party as required by the enormous revolutionary tasks facing the DPRK at present and the urgent requirements of the subjective and objective environment.

The Political Bureau of the Party Central Committee analyzed and reviewed the successes, made in the work for actively promoting the qualitative consolidation of the Party and enhancing the fighting efficiency and activity of the Party organizations in the first half of the year, and the shortcomings that should be immediately overcome in the Party work.

The report referred to the new Party measures to firmly guarantee the sound political climate and development of the Party by energetically organizing and conducting the work to implement the five-point line of party building in the new era and indicated the orientation of work to be given priority to by the party organizations at all levels in carrying out the goals of this year’s struggle and the strategic tasks.

Expressing belief that the Korean revolution will surely enter a new phase of development as all the Party members and other people are making redoubled efforts by dint of their unity in the face of the worst difficulties, the Political Bureau of the Party Central Committee called upon all sectors and units to put spurs to successfully attaining the goals of this year’s struggle and courageously shoulder the mission and important duty they have assumed.

All the participants expressed with loud applause their full support and approval to the report of the Political Bureau of the Party Central Committee which set forth the policies for dynamically putting the Korean-style socialist construction on a certain track of upswing according to our timetable.


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