Army tanks deployed near Sri Lanka’s parliament as the crisis escalates

Desk By Karuna

On Thursday, the Sri Lankan army deployed army tanks close to the parliament building. According to reports, army tanks were used to block parliament from being entered by protesters. On Wednesday, protesters surrounded the Prime Minister’s Office on Flower Road in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is now experiencing a severe political and economic crisis. On July 9, protesters broke into the prime minister’s and president’s offices.

The president and prime minister’s immediate resignation was demanded by angry protesters. Today, from Male, Saudi Arabia, the president of the country Gotabaya Rajapaksa and his wife departed for Singapore. Three layers of police, army, and special forces have been added to the parliament’s protection at this time. There is a severe lack of petrol and other essentials in Sri Lanka right now. Due to rising inflation, the nation is currently experiencing its greatest economic crisis. Before further notice, all government offices will be closed. This scarcity has been made worse by low domestic agricultural production, decreasing foreign exchange reserves, and depreciating local currency.

Source: Nepal Samaj

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