The stock market declined by 37.27 points

Kathmandu, June 19

The Nepse index fell 37.27 points on Sunday, the first trading day of the week. The stock market came to a stop at 1934.11 points, after falling 1.89 percent on Sunday.

On Sunday, a total of 3,666,891 shares of 223 firms were exchanged in 27,006 trades. On this day, a total of Rs 1.13 billion was transacted.

On Sunday, the value of Andhikhola MFI increased by 9.99 percent to Rs 656.30. Prabhu Life Insurance’s stock increased by 4.05 percent.

River Falls Power Limited is the largest loss. River Falls is now trading at 249.90, down 9.56
percent. Balefi Hydropower and Miteri Development Bank Limited are the biggest losers
following River Falls.


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