After the budget, the stock market rose for the first time, gaining 60.22 points

Kathmandu, June 8

On Wednesday, investors were delighted after the Ministry of Finance organized a committee to investigate the problems in the stock market and find ways to fix them through monetary policy.

At the Securities and Exchange Board’s annual function, Finance Minister Janardhan Sharma announced the formation of a commission to investigate the situation. The stock market, which had been falling since the announcement of the next budget, jumped by double digits on Wednesday. The market has reached a new high of 2080.44 points after gaining 60.22 points on Wednesday.

On Wednesday, a total of 5 million 5 thousand 814 shares from 231 firms were traded in 30
thousand 684 transactions. On this day, the total transaction value is 1 billion 643 million 56 thousand 608 rupees. On Wednesday, all subgroups’ stock values increased. On the other side, Samudayik MFIs and Upakar MFIs have experienced a positive circuit. These two firms were valued at Rs 1573 and Rs 2338.60, respectively.

Balefi Hydro, Kalika Microfinance, Tehrathum Power, and Unnati Sahakarya Microfinance all
reached the positive circuit classification on this day. Mountain Hydro, RBB Mutual Fund, and Nabil Balance Fund all have seen their stock prices drop. On this particular day, Arun Valley Hydropower had the most turnover.

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