RSS Dialogue with Lawmaker: Agriculture warrants proper attention: Lawmaker Prem Suwal

Kathmandu, Feb 27:

Leader of Nepal Workers and Peasant Party (NWPP), Prem Suwal, asserts that country’s economy would not thrive as long as the agriculture is ignored.

Suwal, who was elected as a member of the House of Representatives from constituency no 1 of Bhaktapur district, expressed worry over sheer indifference to the issues raised at parliament for farmers and agriculture development.

“Agriculture must be prosperous. Why didn’t Finance Minister speak about priority to agriculture while planning next budget? Although agriculture is a pillar of economy, it is ignored,” he said, warning of declining strength of the country if it continued.

Suwal feels the national economy is dwindling in multi-party system and republic. Once the agriculture is given proper attention, it would help prevent exodus of youths. “State has not paid heed to job creation, and upliftment of industrialists. It is mute spectator to youth exodus. There is no noticeable plan to address youths’ despair,” he showed concern.

He argued that he was raising people’s agenda in the parliament. “My voters are happy to see my active presence in the parliament. I voice their concerns and country’s problems,” Suwal shared.

Suwal, who has active participation at HoR meeting and the parliamentary committees, reminds the fellow HoR members to speak for citizens’ rights. He demands clear response by the concerned ministers when HoR members inquire on health, education, employment and development works.

However, he finds unaccountability of government agencies, for they are not addressing well the issues the lawmakers put forth in the parliament and committee meetings.

According to him, parliamentary practice is weak in Nepal. “Parliament is not running as per parliamentary system, but it witnesses mere confrontation between ruling and the opposition,” he observed.

The NWPP lawmaker wonders why the political parties differ in economic policy and issues of foreign affairs. NWPP does not hanker after power, but work for people and country. “We are vibrant opposition. We constantly make aware the ruling parties,” he reminding, adding, “Democracy is not keeping tiger and goat in same place. If they are kept in same enclosure, tiger preys the goat.”

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