National Assembly election: Publicity activities prohibited from tonight

Kathmandu, Jan 22:

The Election Commission has fixed the period from 12 midnight today until the voting is closed for the National Assembly election on January 25 as the period in which the election publicity activities are prohibited.

Voting is taking place on January 25 for filling 19 seats in the National Assembly, the upper chamber of the Federal Parliament.

The Commission stated that the political party office-bearers, candidates, the sister organisations of the parties and other persons, institutions or agencies that have to abide by the election code of conduct should not hold any form of discussions, interactions, assemblies, workshop seminars etc during the time election publicity has been prohibited.

Election Commission spokesperson Shaligram Sharma Poudel urged all concerned to follow and have followed the code which bars soliciting votes and carrying out election publicity by any means, process or method and posting or sharing on social networking sites, online, print or any other media of any message, information or publicity materials in support of or against a political party or candidate during this period.

The tenure of 19 members of the National assembly is terminating on coming March 4. The law requires that election should be held to the seats falling vacant before one month of the termination of the term.

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