World’s ‘longest’ raft race rescheduled for coming March

Kathmandu, Dec 4:

The world’s possibly the longest raft race is rescheduled to take place in Nepal in coming March. The race originally scheduled for November 23-28, 2023 was postponed due to the Jajarkot earthquake.

Co-organised by the Nepal Association of Rafting Agencies (NARA), the Nepal River Conservation Trust (NRCT) and the Karnali Basin Conservation Foundation, the 248 kms downriver raft race, The Great Karnali Quest, 2024, will take place on March 8-13, 2024, said the organiser NARA at a press conference here.

The race starts from Rakam Karnali in Aathbiskot Municipality in Dailekh to Daulatpur Ghat in Kailali, said President of the Great Karnali Quest, Megh Ale.

He expressed the confidence that the Great Karnali Quest race will also connect the identity, economic and tourism development of Karnali.

Similarly, the NARA President Shiva Adhikari expressed the hope that the race would help in the development of the country’s tourism sector.

Sixteen teams are expected to participate in the race. The registration for the race will open from February 5 to 24. So far, six international teams have confirmed their participation in the race, said the organisers.

Rastriya Samachar Samiti (RSS)

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