Event in Fujian to help student filmmakers across the Taiwan Straits

The In Moments Film Festival (IMFF), which aims to help ­student filmmakers in the ­Chinese mainland and China’s island of Taiwan, is set to kick off on September 12, in Pingtan, East China’s Fujian Province.

The 2023 exhibition, scheduled to end on September 14, includes a total of 1,849 film entries collected from over 300 higher-education institutions all around the globe.

As a platform bound tightly to young creators, around 88 percent of the event’s participants are young artists born after 1995.

A total of 50 productions were short-listed as final runners, among which 15 of them were rooted in the cultural context of Taiwan, documenting its unique local cultural characters while demonstrating young participants’ creativity.

Well-known Chinese director Wang Xiaoshuai will serve as the chairman of the jury for the event’s main competition section.

An expert at telling touching stories about family relationships, Wang is known for his films like So Long, My Son and Chongqing Blues.

Aside from competitions, the IMFF will also launch forums to gather filmmakers together. Prior to this year’s event, the festival was first started in 2020.

Bring Mum Outside, a film that pays attention to the family impact behind dementia and long-term care problems in an aging society, won the Best Picture title of that year. The film was awarded 300,000 yuan ($41,250).

The increasing number of works by Taiwan filmmakers has further strengthened the festival’s determination to promote the integration and development of the film and television industries across the Taiwan Straits.

The 2023 event is scheduled to end on September 14.

(Global Times)

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