When the Chinese leader comes to Nepal, PM Dahal is in Italy!

Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal is going to Italy on Saturday to evade the meeting with the representative of the Chinese Communist Party (CPC) who started visiting Nepal at the invitation of the Maoists. The team is scheduled to come to Nepal on Sunday, Shrawan 7 (July 23).

Prime Minister Dahal has tried not to meet with even the high-level CPC delegation that will visit Nepal next September. Dahal is preparing to go on a visit to America when the representative of CPC is coming to Nepal. PM’s schedule to go to America in September has already been decided. If, for some reason, the US program is postponed, he will leave for a visit to another country at that time.

Now Prime Minister Dahal has started going to Italy on a ministerial visit. Dahal will be on his way to participate in the United Nations Food System Summit in Rome, Italy. It was decided that Agriculture and Livestock Development Minister Beduram Bhusal will participate in the program. However, recently the Prime Minister himself wanted to go to the event, and the Cabinet meeting held on the 4th Shrawan (July 20) approved Dahal’s visit. Dahal will return to Nepal on Shrawan 12 (July 28) after completing the program.

With the representative of CPC who is coming to Nepal, Dahal has said that he will speak via video conference from Italy. At the request of Maoist leader Barshaman Pun, Dahal, as Maoist chairman, had invited CPC leaders to visit Nepal. The invitation was sent to establish close ties between the Maoists and CPC. Lately, Maoist’s relationship with Bharatiya Janata Party has been deepened. On 8 Shrawan (24 July), led by Maoist leader Pampha Bhusal, Maoist leaders are going on a tour of India. They were invited by the Bharatiya Janata Party.

UML Chairman KP Oli is returning to Nepal from Cambodia on Shrawan 8 to meet the CPC representatives who are coming to Nepal. Oli is likely to meet with the said representative on Shrawan 9 (July 25). However, Maoist as the host party has not made any preparations for this matter. It is understood that the Maoists have not even informed the UML on this matter yet. It can be assumed that Prime Minister Dahal is under a lot of pressure behind inviting guests himself and going on a foreign tour.

In other words, Prime Minister Dahal is now at the center of expanding the influence of America and India in Nepal. He is trying to escape as much as possible, fearing that he will get into more trouble when he meets and talks with the Chinese representative. Prime Minister Dahal has been reluctant to meet with the Chinese when America is moving India forward in Nepal. It seems that Dahal is getting into trouble because he backed away from the commitments, he made with China earlier.

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