PM Dahal will think it seriously in time

The country is going through a serious situation. As the current government led by Pushpa Kamal Dahal is unable to operate reliable and credible diplomacy, if it proceeds arbitrarily by extreme abuse of state power, it is certain that the country will fall into endless conflict, and Dahal’s political future will also be confused.

Before the country, a politician’s future and personal interests are never, and should not be, comparable. It couldn’t be a more suitable topic for Pushpa Kamal Dahal, who says that the life of profit is from time to time. Dahal, who has a strong possibility and the strong trust of the people, has made a serious mistake over time by misusing it to the extreme and reducing the confidence of the country and the people in the world community. In his words, the people’s war that started in 2052 was aimed at making the country independent, sovereign, free, permanent, developed, and peaceful. Even if the ideas he led and expressed are to be believed, the result has been exactly the opposite. Compared to the situation in 2052, people are now more subordination, poor, restless, victims of backwardness, and the extreme results of foreign intervention are being seen. The relationship between Nepal and India is more unreliable, weak, and extremely unequal than it was then. The relationship between Nepal and China is also becoming unreliable, uneven, and weak day by day. Was the rebellion started under his leadership to make the country subordinate? The question has arisen.

Whenever Pushpa Kamal Dahal has been the Prime Minister of the country. At that time, the country becomes more weak and unstable. The Dahal-led government is not only spoiling the relationship between Nepal and India, increasing anti-India sentiment among the people, but also spoiling and weakening the relationship between Nepal and China and spreading anti-China sentiment among the people. At present, many events confirm that the government is trying very hard to spoil the relations between Nepal-India, Nepal-China and China-India. In Nepal, the government gives only important opportunities to pro-Westerners and pro-Indians (even though they are Pro-Indian, they work for the West), and they treat them like first-class citizens. Apart from this, the patriots have been treated as second-class citizens. Apart from this, the patriots have been treated as second-class citizens. It is not difficult to understand that the government is doing work internally to trap the activists who are trying to improve the relations between Nepal-India, Nepal-China, and China-India in false accusations, using the wrong elements within the police administration.

This government is trying to prolong its life by creating instability and not to making improve the relations between Nepal-India, Nepal-China, and China-India. The latest example of this is the attempt to create mistrust between India and China in order to prevent the implementation of the then-Deuba government’s decision to bring arms and construction materials from China to Nepal. It is not hidden that people are spreading anti-India sentiments by promoting the Citizenship Bill in the interests of others and spreading anti-China sentiments at the public level against China by agreeing to the BRI. This country belongs to Nepalese of all races, castes, religions, sects and thoughts. On the basis of closeness and special relationship with a power-nation, while doing close and distant relations and behavior, one should also be prepared for the consequences arising from it. Reaching the leadership of the country does not mean that the country itself is granted to him. A person who works for any power that cannot protect and protect the interests of the country and its people can never be a leader.

We want to see Pushpa Kamal Dahal as the leader of all Nepal and Nepali people. For this, he should show the ability to treat everyone equally, give equal opportunities and respect. The monkey tendency to raise one against the other as it is now should be abandoned. If the patriotic Nepalis accept the One China policy adopted by the Nepalese government, we would like to draw attention to them to treat them as respectfully as others and not to delay in giving opportunities. World brotherhood, coexistence, respect and mutual harmony can only grow through peaceful means. There is still hope that Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal will seriously consider this in time. May wisdom raise in time.

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