Directs the government to revise the norms related to construction

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Under the House of Representatives, the Development and Technology Committee has
instructed the government to revise the norms related to settlement development, urban
planning, and building construction on a scientific basis.

The committee meeting held at Singh Darbar on Tuesday instructed the government to amend the provisions of the standards prepared after the earthquake of 2072, saying that the revision made in 2078 made the provisions of the standards narrower and narrower.
Chairman Kalyani Khadka informed that the committee emphasized that the standards should be protected from natural disasters in the long term and should be made environment friendly.

Chairman Khadka said that the meeting has instructed the Ministry of Urban Development to create and implement integrated standards based on long-term planning and vision, and to instruct the provincial government and the local level.

In the meeting, Urban Development Minister Metmani Choudhary said that the weaknesses in the standards will be revised. He said that the urban policy has also reached its final stage.

In the meeting, the committee members drew the government’s attention to the fact that the government’s integrated settlement development and urban development plans have not progressed effectively.

Source: Himalayan Tele-Voice


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