Instructions to Women Commission to perform effective performance as per expectations

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The Women’s Commission has been instructed to carry out efficient work in accordance with objectives by the Women and Social Committee of the House of Representatives.

The commission was instructed to perform as expected during the Tuesday committee meeting held at Singha Durbar after it was determined that there had been inadequate coordination and collaboration. The meeting instructed us to be more sensitive to the demands of the victimized women, according to committee chairman Niru Devi Pal. The committee considers it regrettable that the abused women who approached the commission were unable to receive even the necessities of support. Kamala Kumari Parajuli, the chairperson of the commission, said during the meeting that 1,464 incidences of violence against women had been reported during the previous fiscal year.

She expressed disappointment that the budget had been frozen as a result of the Commission’s decision not to approve the program. The committee members also recommended that the commission make a conscious effort to monitor its performance.


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