There is no need to discuss the bill related to the Constitutional Council: Speaker Sapkota

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Speaker Agni Prasad Sapkota has said that there is no need to discuss the bill related to the Constitutional Council.

Speaking to reporters at Singh Darbar on Monday, Speaker Sapkota said that since the
Constitutional Council Bill has been registered in the next assembly, it is not advisable to discuss the Bill.

He said that his attention has been drawn to the vacancy of chairmanship of various
parliamentary committees and he is discussing it with the Prime Minister as well as the party leaders.

He said that with the election of the Deputy Speaker, the work of the Parliament will proceed more effectively.

Speaker Sapkota informed that he is currently focusing on advancing the Citizenship, Federal Civil Service Bill and that initiatives are being taken to advance other important bills.

Speaker Sapkota said that due to the reshuffle of ministers in the federal government, there was a problem in proceeding with the discussion on the bill registered in the parliament secretariat.

He informed that 15 bills have been passed in the current session and the reports of five
committees and various constitutional commissions have been submitted to Parliament.

Source: Himalayan Tele-Voice


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