A meeting between the Minister of Finance and the Managing Director of the World Bank

Kathmandu, June 19

Finance Minister Janardhan Sharma met with World Bank Managing Director Mari Alka
Panjestu for a courtesy meeting. Minister Sharma appreciated the World Bank’s help during a meeting at the Ministry of Finance on Sunday at 11 a.m. Minister Sharma highlighted the long-standing connection and development collaboration with the World Bank.

“In Nepal’s development efforts, the World Bank has long been a trusted partner,” he remarked. Minister Sharma praised the World Bank for giving a financial package worth 122 million dollars to help with the post-Covid scenario.

Minister Sharma claims that several significant projects are nearing completion and that the present projects are both significant and far-reaching.

“We’ll all work hard to finish the projects we’re engaged on with the World Bank on schedule and get the benefits to the people,” Sharma added.

Managing Director of the World Bank, Panjestu, expressed her pleasure at being invited to
participate as a development partner of Nepal at the conference.


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