The export of Kaligandaki electricity to India has begun, with prices starting at Rs. 19 per unit

Kathmandu, June 5

The export of energy generated by the Nepal Electricity Authority’s 144 MW connected power plant, Kaligandaki A Power House, has begun. From 12 p.m. Friday night, the Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) began exporting electricity generated by the Kaligandaki Power House.

On Thursday, NEA began exporting roughly 39 MW of electricity to the Indian Energy Exchange (IX) from the Trishuli and Devighat hydropower projects.

As soon as Kaligandaki opens, NEA will export 177.7 MW of power to India. Kaligandaki A will export 140 MW, Trishuli 23.2 MW, and Devighat 14.5 MW to India.

After the power plant began operating at full capacity due to increased water flow in the river and rainfall, the NEA exported surplus electricity to India.

The average selling price of energy exported since the previous night, according to NEA
Executive Director Kulman Ghising, was Rs 11.2 per unit (Rs 7 IC)  ”The highest rate is Rs 19 (Rs 12 IC) per unit, the lowest cost is Rs 2.38 (Rs 1.49) per unit, and the average rate is Rs 11.2 (Rs 7) per unit,” Ghising stated.

In IX, 24 hours are split into 96 15-15-minute blocks, and power is traded at market-determined competitive prices. As a result, the cost of each block varies.

The maximum and minimum prices of power exported on Thursday, according to the NEA, are Rs 12 (19.2 NPR) and 2.49 (3.98 NPR), respectively. On that particular day, the average price per unit was Rs 6.72. (10.76 NPR).

Similarly, the Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has sold electricity at a maximum price of Rs 19.2 (Rs 12) and the lowest price of Rs 4.08 (Rs 2.55) per unit. Rs 11.48 is the average price (Rs 7.18).

In the Indian Energy Exchange Market, Nepal has been granted permission to sell up to 364 MW of power at competitive rates.

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