Plot being hatched to break the five-party alliance: PM Deuba

Kathmandu, May 6

Prime Minister and Nepali Congress (NC) President Sher Bahadur Deuba has said the conspiracy was being hatched to break the current ruling alliance.

Addressing a mass assembly organized by the ruling alliance in Bharatpur on Thursday, Prime Minister Deuba urged leaders to unite against the conspiracy to safeguard this alliance. Prime Minister Deuba also urged the leaders and cadres in the Chitwan district to foil the conspiracy being hatched to break the alliance. “Conspiracies are being hatched to split the alliance.

Conspiracies to break the alliance from Bharatpur and Chitwan should not take place,” he
cautioned the party leaders and cadres.

Prime Minister Deuba said that the mayoral candidate from the five-party alliance, Renu Dahal, was doing good, adding, “Make her victorious, the alliance will continue for 10-20 years.”

“She has already won. Some friends from the party should not create unnecessary troubles,” the NC president said while soliciting votes for Dahal. He added that NC cadres in Chitwan should make the alliance’s candidates victorious. “Friends in Chitwan have a responsibility.

Support should be lent to Renu Dahal,” he said.

Stating that he won the party’s presidential election by getting 82 percent votes, Deuba argued that he won the party’s election due to Nepali citizens’ support for the alliance.

Deuba also said that people from across the country have put their trust in the alliance.

During his speech, Prime Minister Deuba said different development projects are being initiated in Chitwan at the initiative of Renu Dahal. “Bharatpur would be a central place. People from the world will flock here. Cricketers will arrive here from all over the world,” Deuba said, asking party leaders and cadres to vote for Dahal.

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