This session of HoR remained more successful than previous ones: Speaker Ghimire

Kathmandu, April 14:

Speaker of the House of Representatives (HoR) Devraj Ghimire has said that the third session of the Parliament was comparatively more successful than the previous sessions.

In the meeting held Sunday in the context of prorogue of the third session, he said that the third session was comparatively more successful than the previous session in terms of law making and voicing issues of public concern among others.

Speaker Ghimire said, “Compared to the previous session, the third session was successful, but it was not adequately long enough. I am confident that the next session will be more effective and result-oriented based on high understanding and prudent decisions between political parties.”

He expressed his gratitude to the members who participated actively throughout the sessions and expressed his gratitude to all the mechanisms including security and the staff of the Federal Parliament Secretariat who assisted in the parliamentary business.

“Parliament is the main place where people’s feelings are expressed by representatives elected by the people, people’s hopes and expectations are expressed here as well as dissatisfaction and anger,” he said.

The speaker said that if the voices expressed in the parliament can be addressed and brought to a conclusion at the right time, the importance and time of this dignified institution could be properly utilized. He opined that the more active and enlightened parliament ensures qualitative impact on law making process.
On that occasion, he expressed his best wishes for the New Year 2081 BS.

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