Commitments made before parliament are being implemented: PM Dahal

Kathmandu, April 4:

Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has said commitments made before the parliament are being implemented in a planned way.

In today’s meeting of the Public Policy and Delegated Legislation Committee of the National Assembly, Prime Minister Dahal shared that activities are underway in good governance, social justice and prosperity sectors with priority as per the government’s roadmap.

“It has been easier to get different services including citizenship certificate, passport, national identity card, no-objection certificate due to improvement made in different sectors as per the determination of making the country line-free in the context of providing public service”, he underscored.

PM Dahal explained that supply of chemical fertilizer has been guaranteed as per the commitment made before the parliament and improvement has been made in distribution system.

Sharing that activities to send textbooks in all districts on time have been started this year too as like in the previous academic session, he opined that dues of sugarcane farmers have already been paid and dairy farmers have started getting their dues.

PM Dahal further said ‘Hello Sarkar’ has been brought into operation round the clock to address the complaints of citizens effectively, sharing that ‘time card’ has been brought into practice in government services for the guarantee of easy and smooth public service and it would be expanded in all districts gradually.

“The government commitment to providing citizenship to those Nepali citizens deprived of it has been implemented within the six months of the assurance,” Prime Minster Dahal said, adding that the government is working on the draft to have legal provisions to ensure the franchise of Nepali residing abroad.

Stating that he has been announcing that the establishment of good governance remains the priority of the government from the parliament, the Prime Minister said,” The government implements a policy of zero tolerance against corruption.” As he said, with the realization that correction should begin within the self, the quota at the Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers has been deducted and the entity has been restructured.

Amidst this period, the government has launched investigations into the fake Bhutanese refugees, gold smuggling, Lalita Niwas, and the Bansbari land grab cases seriously and efforts have started yielding results, according to him.

Collections of applications and the entry of data have been almost completed to address the issues of landless people and the process of presenting bills in the parliament to revise some laws requiring to provide them land has neared the final phase.

Some of the concerns raised by lawmakers over the social justice sectors have been addressed. “The victims of usury have been served justice,” he added.

In the course of the government’s efforts to conclude the remaining affairs of the peace process, a bill about transitional justice has been already registered in the parliament and the government commitments about disaster management are in the process of getting fulfilled.

“Especially dengue, lumpy skin and bird-flu-like pandemic diseases have been skillfully managed. The government has taken an exemplary initiative in the rescue, relief, and rehabilitation during the Jajarkot and Bajhang earthquakes. It has been ensured that the remaining reconstruction works will be completed on time,” he said.

Budget will be implementable and production-centred

On the occasion, PM Dahal insisted that the policies and programmes, and the budget for the upcoming fiscal year will be objective, implementable and production-centred in line with people’s aspirations. He added that the budget will be allocated in a way that the people’s problems are resolved.

According to him, the government under his leadership has from the very beginning taken initiatives for resolving the problems of the people victimized by the micro-finances and the cooperatives as well as for addressing the livelihood issues.

He also stated that some signs of improvement have been seen in the economy of late. Stating that there has been improvement in public finances, revenue and capital expenditure, the PM reiterated the government is carrying out works for bringing improvement in the overall economic indicators b formulating an action plan.

Prime Minister Dahal stressed that the government has initiated a campaign of corruption control by promoting good governance. He said necessary laws are in the process of formulation aimed at federalism implementation. In this connection, preparation is being made to table the Federal Police Bill in Parliament.

PM Dahal also reminded that problems related to federalism implementation have been resolved by convening the meeting of the Inter-Province Council twice after the formation of the government under his leadership.

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