Nepali Cap Day observed as campaign

Kathmandu, Jan 1:

The Jagaruk Yuva Abhiyan Nepal observed the 11th Nepali Topi Diwas (Nepali Cap Day) today as a campaign with the slogan- ‘Nepali Cap: Nepali Identity’.

The campaigners Ghan Shyam Shrestha, Ramji Balami, Janardan Poudel, Shiv Dhital, Ajmat Ali, Gyanmani Nepal Kalotopi, Janak Karki, Laxman Lamsal, Basanta Humagain and Rajesh Khatri issued a statement on the occasion today, calling for declaring the Nepali cap as the national identity.

The Nepali Cap Day is marked as a campaign, demanding that the Nepali dhaka cap and the Bhadgaunle cap, the typical Nepali caps, as the national identity markers, after the then government removed the ‘daura- suruwal, topi’ worn by the males and ‘gunyu cholo’ attires worn by women from the list of national dress.

The ‘daura-suruwal and topi’ and ‘gunyu-cholo’ have been the typical Nepali identity since centuries, it is said.

Rastriya Samachar Samiti (RSS)

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