Tamu Lhosar festival contributes to promoting national unity: PM Dahal 

Kathmandu, Dec 31:

Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has said the Tamu Lhosar, a cultural festival of the Gurung Community, has played a significant role in promoting national unity.

In his address to the Tamu Lhosar festival at the local open theatre on the occasion of the Tamu Lhosar today, the Prime Minister said the festival remaining as one of the conventional festivals nationally and globally carries a scientific value as it is associated with the time cycle and essence of nature.

As he said, the Gurung community started observing the festival as the movement for promoting their rights and identity after the restoration of democracy in 1990. The festival is observed on the 15th day of the Nepali month Push.

Reminding that the Constitution has institutionalized national unity and identify based on diversity, recognizing Nepal’s multi-ethnic, multi-linguistic, multi-religious and multi-cultural characteristics and geographical diversities as vital components of nationality, the government head said, “Nepal’s national culture is an integrated form of all cultures that exist within the country.”

He said besides Nepal the festival is observed in China, Mongolia, Vietnam, Korea, Bhutan, Thailand and Myanmar under different names.

The PM said government gives a public holiday on the occasion of the Lhosar and other cultural festivals as it recognized their significance. Though such holidays were removed in the mid, they were resumed later, he added. “Several historically and scientifically significant festivals are celebrated in Nepal. Recognizing various religious and cultural faiths of different castes and communities, we preserve various civilizations, languages, arts, cultures, scripts, attire, and cultural heritage.”

The Prime Minister further added, “Unity and tolerance centered on democracy, social justice, national unity, independence, integrity, and patriotism are our national characteristics and identity.”

The nation’s unity, independence, prosperity and national interest depend on conservation of nationality and identity of community. These kinds of festivals have their roles in strengthening national unity, social harmony, religious tolerance and unity, according to him who said it is the collective responsibilities of all of us to establish the beauty of federal democratic republic with assimilation’s of our national characteristics and uniqueness.

“May this festival inspire all of us to unite for the establishment of social justice, good governance, and prosperity, which are the national agendas of the hour, by preserving national unity and national culture,” he extended best wishes on the occasion.

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