Telecom development is backbone of digital Nepal: DPM Khadka

Kathmandu, Nov 24:

Deputy Prime Minister and Defence Minister Purna Bahadur Khadka has said the development of telecommunication sector is the backbone for the ‘digital Nepal’.

Addressing a programme entitled ‘The Future and Prospect of Telecommunication in Nepal’, he said the development of telecommunication has bridged the gap between cities and villages in Nepal.

The Deputy Prime Minister maintained that the government has clearly stipulated in its policy and programme document regarding the development of the telecom sector.

“Development of telecommunication is the backbone of digital Nepal. Therefore, investment is the priority for this, besides putting in place appropriate strategy and development of adequate infrastructures and the required human resources. Realising this priority, the Government of Nepal has been attaching special emphasis on the development of telecommunications and other technology sectors in its present plans, policies and programmes,” DPM Khadka said.

He also stated that new opportunities have emerged in this sector due to the rapid development of modern technology in the telecom sector and the dynamic changes in its structure. The DPM and Defence Minister added that the time has come for looking at telecom expansion and use together with the overall social and economic development in the context of Nepal by studying the international use and practices regarding development of the telecom sector.

“Looking at the dynamic scenario of the 21st century, the role of telecommunication is seen to be crucial to shape up the power and capability of nations. Development of telecom sector has proved to be a complete change in the context of Nepal, a country full of diverse cultures and geography. Its development reflects the Nepali people’s deep desire for development,” he opined.

According to him, the students have benefited from the development of telecom in Nepal and it has also paved the new way for economic growth, social development and the overall progress.

“In the education field, the development in telecommunication has provided access to world-class education to students by reducing the gap between the students of the urban and rural areas, removing the geographical barriers. Telemedicine will bring a revolution in the health sector and is creating a situation for providing quality medical services to people who are geographically apart,” he explained.

DPM Khadka also believed that the development of telecom sector has helped in expansion of the digital economy and supported industrialists and small businesses to flourish worldwide.

He utilized the forum to share that along with opportunities, telecom development has also brought challenges, stressing that the government is also conscious that no citizen should be deprived of the opportunities provided by the telecom services.

Rastriya Samachar Samiti (RSS)

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