All should have common view on national interest: Leader Rajbhandari 

Kathmandu, Nov 7:

Nepali Congress leader Sapana Rajbhandari has said all political powers should have common understanding on nationality and national interest. She expressed worry over contradictory views of political parties.

“Unity among government and opposition is essential for the sake of country,” she said, wondering over opposing stand among parties on pressing issues of the country.

Leader Rajbhandari said it while speaking with ‘RSS with lawmaker’ team of RSS. She also suggested her party that it continued orientation to enliven party activities.

She was elected under the proportional system for the House of Representatives (HoR).

In her observation, the political parties were not performing up to the mark in parliament as expected from outside. She added that she could not see the progress on law making either.

According to her, the last election result showed that chief political parties were losing public trust. Launching people-centered programmes can restore trust, she suggested.

She shared her priority to the preservation of World Heritage sites of Kathmandu Valley, including Newari culture, jatra and temples.

Lawmaker Rajbhandari had entered politics since student life. She worked actively for expanding party organization in Kathmandu district.

She viewed the voters in her constituency had no complaint except drinking water. The voters are concerned over preservation of their culture. The constituency is a home to historic place, Hanuman Dhoka, and religious site, Swayambhu. Indrajatra is one of the important cultural festivals here.

Constituency no 8 which she represents is the place of archaeological importance. If the archaeological importance of Kathmandu city is given priority, Nepal could be an attractive tourism destination.

She, however, complain that although the parliament records significant issues, the lawmaking is indifferent.

“Present election system is costly. It is also reported that politics of honesty is shadowed. Election code was not enforced well,” Rajbhandari said, adding that corruption was posing threat to smooth service.

People must be vigilant against corruption, irregularity and price hike of goods.

Narayan Neupane/RSS

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