‘Obstructing parliament is against parliamentary values’

Chitwan, July 6 :

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Home Affairs Narayankaji Shrestha said obstructing parliament calling for Prime Minister’s resignation was against the parliamentary values.
At a press conference organized by Press Centre Nepal, Chitwan chapter here today, DPM Shrestha claimed demanding resignation of elected Prime Minister was against parliamentary values.

Shrestha expressed his confidence that the political parties obstructing the parliament would help operate the parliament business.

Claiming that PM Dahal did not male statement noting there was India’s support in making him the PM, Minister Shrestha said PM Dahal himself would make it clear.

PM’ is elected from the parliament in the democratic governance system as per the Constitution, DPM Shrestha argued, adding they were ready to accept the constitution-stipulated option.

In a different note, he said through the ordinance against loan sharks was nullified, the task of dispensing justice to the victims would continue.

DPM Shrestha added, “The bill replacing the ordinance should have been enacted from the parliament yesterday. The ordinance has come to a null and void since yesterday when the bill was not enacted from the parliament. But, justice to loan sharking survivors would continue”.

The government-formed commission and the facilitation committee in the district would carry forward its tasks to deal with loan sharking, he noted.

He went on saying that the police organization would independently work to control crime and scam and take action against criminals and corrupt.


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