The role of engineers is important in the development of economic prosperity and meeting the needs of the people

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The job of engineers is critical for the development of economic prosperity and meeting the
requirements of the people, according to Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba. At a program held by the Nepal Engineers Association in Kathmandu on Tuesday to celebrate the 60th Engineers’ Day, Prime Minister Deuba said that the government will help engineers
become more competent. He insisted that the people who construct the development in
accordance with the government’s goal are engineers.

Engineers should be involved in this, according to Prime Minister Deuba, since great physical infrastructure can only be created by addressing the issues that arise during infrastructure development. In order to assist the nation’s economic development, he added, there should be a collaboration between all parties in the creation of new infrastructure facilities.

Like this, Mohammad Ishtiyak Rai, the minister of physical, infrastructure, and transport, stated that legislation relating to the Council of Engineers to address the issues of engineers is in the House and would be passed by this session.

Senior engineer Bijaya Man Sherchan received a Lifetime Achievement Award during the
ceremony. Engineer Anup Khanal has also been given the Best Innovation Award. Other
engineers received similar honors.



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