Finance Minister’s reply to UML: There is no provision in the constitution to bring a five-month budget

Kathmandu, June 3

Finance Minister Janardhan Sharma responded to the CPN-UML by saying that the government is required by law to provide the yearly budget in any situation.

The leaders of the biggest opposition party, the CPN-UML, declared during the budget
discussion that the general election will be conducted in five months and that the current
administration should not provide an annual budget. He criticized the five-month-old
administration for presenting an annual budget.

Finance Minister Janardhan Sharma stated on Friday, in response to a question raised during the budget debate, that there is no provision in the constitution for a five-month budget.

”I don’t believe the constitution contains a one-month budget. In any case, every government is required by law to produce a yearly budget ”he stated ”This is the budget for the year.”

Minister Sharma stated that the election would take place in its own time and that the future administration will implement the same budget as the previous one. ”I don’t think the overall budget implementation process will be disrupted,” he added. The budget that is being presented now will be carried out by the next administration.”

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